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I think... I think...

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Though provoking to say the least

While its short and not well animated, I find this movie to be inspirational and interesting. If there was more to it than that, it could easily be rated very well.

Kepp learning and keep up the good work!

MMZ - The Last Cataclysm MMZ - The Last Cataclysm

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This movie was probably the best directed megaman prite animation on Newgrounds right now. The camera work and sprite effects were excellent, but I think there are are some things that I would have liked to see better of.

First of all, I think that the music was a bit off in certain parts. I give a 10 for sound because of the superb voice acting, but (especially true in the fight scenes) I think that different music was in orer for some of the scenes.

Probably the biggest thing that miffed me, however, is the.... poor quality of the fight choreography. Probably one of the most important things in a serious sprite animation, a constant flow and a fast pace are required for an above quality movie of this type, which I saw really none of. The enemies seemed to walk right into Zero's attacks, and it took him nearing 2 full seconds each to prepare for his next kill. Personally, I would have have twice the number of kills in half the amount of time, all very quickly in sequance (leaving for little "down-time" in the battles themselves)

Anyway... For the next one, think about what I said. With improved actions, this movie (or at least the next one) will be on the top 100 slot for some time to come!

Prowlies at the River Prowlies at the River

Rated 5 / 5 stars

No word can decribe it...

...Except maybe... wow?

Anyway, I have to ask: Do you hand draw your art? Because it is the most amazing flash art I have ever seen while running smoothly during the movie. The animation, the character designs, the plot (maybe not the plot so much at the end ^_^); Everything fits together in this movie harmoneously (spelling?), and I am left speechless.

angel short angel short

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Ok here I go:

While this movie is short and lacks strong substance, a good plot, or a realistic moral, I find it to be subtly yet strongly intriguing. The appeal of the art and the flow of the animation is entertaining to say the least, and highly overrates the other, worse qualities about this movie. So all in all, I have to say I like it. The music didn't hurt either ;)

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neppos responds:

good :)

Final Fantasy Imperial2 Final Fantasy Imperial2

Rated 3 / 5 stars

A+ for effort?

The style of this movie is one I do not like. Not to say I don't like sprite movies (which would be rediculous since I did Megaman: Re-Vengeance), but I don't like the "talking" movies. Thats all this movie is, talking. Not only that, but the talking isn't even fast, and there is no excitment in the movie whatsoever. To be quite frank, I think you should have ignored those e-mails and finished the movie right.

Bohman responds:

i see what you mean, and i agree, but the talking is necesary to get the stry going, part 2-2 will have action and even some drama

chinatown noir chinatown noir

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


I'll be honest... I couldn't sit through this entire production. You want to know why? There are two reasons. The movie is both too slow and too poorly animated. There was nothing to keep me interested inbetween pictures and the gap was too long. I like the art though. ^_^

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nightofthelivingfred responds:

i mainly focussed on the art because in one of my other movies reviews it said i can`t draw. i glad you liked at least the art.

Cryptic Emotions Cryptic Emotions

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Good with some exceptions

All in all I think that you are a decent flash maker, EvilFlea, but I think there are some things you should work on. From what I saw in your movies, you are very good at directing; You timed the movie up well with the movie and kept the story (slowly) moving along. What got me was the art and animation, and I believe that if you improved those things, you would see a drastic improvement in your scores.

Megaman: Vengeance Megaman: Vengeance

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome shit, man!

This movie is so good, you don't even know... I was almost at tears watching it... AT TEARS! Even my dog was balling his eyes out from the PURE quality of this movie, and he is blind!

...And Deaf!

S-c-r-a-t-c-h responds:

I was crying to man... I feel your pain!

Detective Frofrog 2 Detective Frofrog 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I liked it!

Very nice! There wasn't much wrong with it that I could see, and I found the randomness of it all hilarious. Personally, the chick(en) was my favorite character; I liked the way it bad mouthed everything and ramained so cute!

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McRhyme responds:

The chicken (WHY THE HELL A CHICKEN WHEN ALL OTHER CHARACTERS ARE NON-EARTHLY) was added to the whole movie in all scenes with Chief Leaf at a very late state. Originally he was only to squashed once on the windsheild, but I thought he was funny so I added him all over the place!

Green guy ep.1 Green guy ep.1

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Nice Work, thouggh need a bit of refinement.

I liked it... It had style and direction. I liked where it is going. What it didn't have was substance.

The movie itself lacks a couple thing, and I suppose that I will list them out for ya :)

1. Length: The movie was too short! I saw a couple of places where the movie could have been lengthened (the biggest one being right before he gets shot), which also could add depth to the movie.

2. Refinement: While it is a good premise, there are a lot of loopholes in the story, and places where the viewers simple say, "What the fuck was that?" This could be wiped out in the next movie, however.

3. Smooth Animation: The "Bean" style is way overused, and while it's ok as it is, it could be way better. Try making more detailed characters (even if you stick to the same style) with lengthy, thought out actions.

I hope I could help you out a bit or whatever. Don't take this review the wrong way, I really liked it! I'll be watching for the next one.

BLAHBLAHA responds:

I will try to improve next episode :)